How can I extend my Wi-Fi range?

Episode 1234 (16:05)

George from Santa Monica, CA
Netgear EX6200

George wants to extend his Wi-Fi signal out to the front porch. How can he boost the signal range of his Wi-Fi network? Leo says a Wi-Fi extender or repeater is his best bet and it's always best to go with the same manufacturer as his original Wi-Fi router. So a D-Link would be D-Link Extender, NetGear with NetGear, Apple Airport Extreme with Airport Express. The idea is to place the extender midway between the base station and where he'll want it to go. This will enable him to double the distance of his Wi-Fi network. He should just make sure it's password protected so the neighbors don't "borrow a cup of Wi-Fi" without asking!

From the Chatroom - The WireCutter has a post with the Best Wi-Fi Extenders, which they say is the Netgear EX6200 and can shake hands with just about anything.