Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1234 (1:13:03)

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that film is having a resurgence lately, and it could be due to the fact that film cameras are so cheap on eBay. The challenge is getting the film developed, but people are starting to rediscover it and that could mean that specialty developers will crop up. But the good news is, that if you have to develop in your house, the gear is also cheap! Then you scan the negatives into your computer and make them digital again. And what this also means is that due to the cheap cost of equipment, users can experiment with other formats like medium format cameras.

Don't forget this months assignment: Orange! Take a photo of, about or otherwise concerning the concept of "Orange" and then post it to the Tech Guy Group on Flickr. Make sure to tag it with the word "Orange" as well! And if Chris likes it, it could end up on next month's photo contest review segment!