Why am I getting popups saying my computer is infected?

Episode 1233 (2:08:54)

Lee from Escondido, CA

Lee gets a popup that says his computer is infected and he can't get rid of it. Leo says it's a scam, and Lee should never call the 800 number that pops up. Lee went into the task manager to kill the popup, but it kills the browser as well. Leo says that Chrome should be catching the popups and stopping them. He's now getting a popup with a bluescreen. Leo says that's a clever ploy, but it's not an actual "blue screen of death." It's just a window.

Leo says it sounds like a browser hijack, which is malware. He can clean it up with MalwareBytes.org, but will he know that he has it all? The only sure way is to backup his data, wipe his drive, and reinstall Windows from a known good source of Windows.