Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1233 (27:41)

Scott Wilkinson

There's a scandal brewing over at Amazon, where the online retailer has pulled all listings to sell Apple TV or Google's Chromecast because there's no app to support Amazon streaming. They also won't allow third parties to sell them. That's scandalous, but Leo says that while it's rather bad form, a store has the right to carry what it wants to sell, so there's really not much to do about it. Scott also says it shows just how serious they are about streaming TV.

In other news, Scott says that Elac has subwoofers that have a cool new feature that uses a smartphone to calibrate your subwoofer for optimum effect. That's pretty cool, and Scott says that if it can work with multiple subs, it would really make the setup smooth. But Elac says they haven't solved that problem yet because Bluetooth doesn't work to multiple devices just yet. The workaround is to daisy chain the subs and have one sub change the other.