How could I charge my old HTC Resound phone?

Episode 1233 (1:05:37)

Joe from Santa Monica, CA

Joe's HTC Resound phone is about 5 years old now, and it no longer will charge. He's wondering what he should try next. Leo says he should probably get a new phone at this point. These phones aren't meant to be kept for as long as 5 years. With computers, we expect to keep them 5 years, but with phone manufacturers expect people to upgrade every couple of years. It could just be that the battery has reached it's limit for charge cycles. If he wants to get a new battery, Leo definitely suggests getting the battery from HTC. He could get a third party battery, but the problem is that he could end up with a no-name battery that doesn't have the appropriate circuitry and could explode if charged too much.

Leo's not sure exactly what's going on with the phone, and he's not so sure it's recoverable.