Can Gamergate be combated?

Episode 1233 (17:00)

Louis from Hollywood, CA

Louis is disappointed that this year at South by Southwest they cancelled discussions about Gamergate. He finds it sad that people are cowards and shrink away from internet bullies and trolls. Leo agrees and says that Gamergate came about because hardcore gamers decided that anyone changing gaming, especially women, were the enemy. As such, they've taken to the Internet to bully them online, mostly through Twitter. Leo says that Twitter has become a cesspool for cyberbullying because people can be anonymous, thereby misusing the benefit of being able to speak out without being punished for it. This is why Facebook is forcing real names now instead of fake identities, called "sock puppets," which have been created by the hundreds or even thousands, and it's likely just a gaggle of small minded idiots trolling.

So there was going to be a few panels on the issue at SXSW, and some of the panelists were subjects of this harassment. And because these cowards threatened violence, they cancelled what could've been a very good discussion. When they got grief over it online, they have now decided to create a day long separate conclave to discuss the issue, and Leo says it's very important.