How can I put Linux on my computer?

Episode 1232 (18:39)

Darryl from Asheville, NC

Darryl is thinking about abandoning Windows and going with Linux. Leo really likes Linux, but there are some things he should know before he jumps into it. First, there may be issues with drivers. But the older his peripherals are, the more likely he'll be able to find a driver to run it.

Linux is a very mature and stable operating system that runs most of the websites on the internet, as well as being the foundation for Android. As for drivers, Leo suggests going to Leo recommends, which is a really easy to use distro of Linux. Darryl should download the live install ISO to a thumb drive, then boot the live CD. For printers, he should check out CUPS.

Darryl should keep in mind that with Linux, he is his own technical support.