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Watch Darryl from Asheville, NC Comments

Darryl is thinking about abandoning Windows and going with Linux. Leo really likes Linux, but there are some things he should know before he jumps into it. First, there may be issues with drivers. But the older his peripherals are, the more likely he'll be able to find a driver to run it.

Linux is a very mature and stable operating system that runs most of the websites on the internet, as well as being the foundation for Android. As for drivers, Leo suggests going to Leo recommends, which is a really easy to use distro of Linux. Darryl should download the live install ISO to a thumb drive, then boot the live CD. For printers, he should check out CUPS.

Darryl should keep in mind that with Linux, he is his own technical support.

Watch Glenda from Orange, CA Comments

Glenda wants to know how she can scan multiple documents quickly. Leo says that a mobile phone is a fast way to capture documents and images. The key to good scans is light, though. Glenda will want to hold it as still as she can. There are tons of apps on both Google Play and iOS that can do it. Leo likes Evernote. It'll even do optical character recognition with the paid version.

James says that the ScanBox can help her set up her documents with the proper light and shooting distance.

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Watch Bill from Florida Comments

Bill has a few XC MicroSD cards, but he can't seem to get his computer to write to them. Leo says that it's possible that Bill's computer can't support the size of those SD cards. The cards are formatted in XFAT and that may be different than what Bill's computer can handle.

If Bill has a current model computer, then it should be able to utilize those MicroSD cards. Bill could reformat them to NTFS, but that would make them non-compliant. Leo has a hunch that it's Bill's card reader that's causing the problem. He should check the specs of his reader to be sure it will support a 1TB XC SD card. If it does, then it's possible that Bill got burned with bogus or counterfeit cards. So that's something to pay attention to. Always get cards from a reputable source.

Watch Julia from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Julia is having problems with Windows Live Mail, which is rejecting her Gmail. Leo says that Julia needs to check her settings to make sure the server settings are properly configured. Make sure that IMAP is enabled in GMail's settings. She could also use POP, but Leo says that IMAP is better. GMail will also give her step by step instructions to set it up as well. Leo recommends turning on two factor authentication. There may be an app specific password she'll need once she turns that on, though.

Watch Kinan from California Comments

Kinan has a Gateway laptop with a broken screen and he's got it hooked up to an external monitor. It's getting slow and he wants to speed it up. If he's never reinstalled Windows on the machine, it's a good idea to backup his data, format the hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known source. The hard drive may be wearing out, too. Another option would be to try Ubuntu Linux.

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Watch Leslie from Los Osos, CA Comments

Leslie has a bunch of slides and negatives and wants to scan them all into her computer. She's looking at a pair of scanners by Epson and Canon that can do it. Leo says that it will take a very long time to do that. If she wants to take the time to do it, then she can. But why not have a service do it instead? Her time is worth something and Leo advises a service like Scan Cafe. They would send her a box, she'll stuff it and ship it to them. And it's cheap at $0.22 an image. The nice thing about that is that they will clean the negatives and slides before scanning for the best possible quality and then send her back the masters and a DVD with all the images on them.

Watch Bob from Gallup, NM Comments

Bob has been having a lot of trouble with his Samsung phone, and wants to know if there's any future for Windows Phone. Microsoft took a $7 Billion write-off for their acquisition of Nokia, because Windows Phone is just not selling. It's only 1 or 2% of the total smartphone market. That being said, they are great phones. Microsoft just announced two new Windows Phone, the Lumia 950 and 950XL, that are amazing phones with great cameras. Microsoft has really reinvented mobile operating systems with the new mobile version of Windows 10 as well. The only problem with Windows Phone at this point is the app ecosystem. Because it has such a small fraction of the smartphone market, developers just don't make apps for it. And when they do, they don't keep it up to date.

If Bob wants the full ecosystem of apps, but doesn't want an iPhone, Leo recommends getting another Android phone, but not from Samsung. The best Android phones out are just coming out from Google now, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Everyone agrees that this is the Android phone to get. It has the best battery life, camera, he'll have the least hardware and software problems, and Google will support it and keep it up to date. Bob should give up on these third party Android handset makers like Samsung and HTC, and get the pure Google experience with the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

Watch Michael from Wisconsin Comments

Michael uses the Safari browser, but it slows to a crawl and the pages time out. Leo says that if he uses a five year old computer, modern sites are going to be a challenge. One thing could be to use a different browser. Michael could download Chrome and see if he has the same problem. If he doesn't, then he'll know the problem is Safari. If the problem persists, then he can look at his connection. Leo also suggests trying an ad blocker to eliminate ads from loading. That'll make it easier. He should also check that Safari is up to date. He may need to update OS X to do that.

The Chatroom says that the DNS could be causing it to slow down.

Watch Robert from Belmont Shores, CA Comments

Robert is frustrated that his iMac doesn't have enough RAM. 32GB is just not enough for editing 4K video. Leo says that it could be a hardware limitation. The most he can install is 4 to 8 GB sticks. He could invest in the Mac Pro instead, but Leo thinks its terrible. What is Apple up to? Leo says nobody knows. The iMac is faster, better and more reliable than the Mac Pro according to Leo. Will Apple change their tune? No. They want him to buy a Mac Pro if he wants that much RAM. So they have no reason to improve the RAM capacity in the iMac.

Robert can try Other World Computing at They're better on prices anyway, and they'll sell him the 16GB sticks. But they're not cheap, even there.