What camera should I buy for an around the world cruise?

Episode 1231 (1:28:35)

Brian from Tonopah, NV
Sony RX100

Brian is going on an around the world cruise and he needs a good camera. Leo says that it's a good idea to get the camera well before he goes on his trip so he can play with it and learn how to use it before he goes. Brian doesn't want to switch lenses and wants a GPS as well. Leo says that if money is no option, the Sony DSC-RX1 is amazing. But at $3,000 it's a very expensive point and shoot. It's got a full frame sensor, so the low light performance will be the best.

A more affordable option is the Sony RX100. It's $500. It doesn't have a full frame sensor, but it has a 1" sensor, which is very good. That's a good compromise. Brian can check out DPReview for more ideas.