Should I switch from Android to iPhone?

Episode 1231 (1:08:59)

Dave from LaMesa, CA
Apple iPhone 6s

Dave is debating making the switch to the iPhone so he can be in line with his daughter. Will he have any issues moving from Android to iOS? Leo says that there will be a learning curve and he'll have to reinvest in several apps. But there is more in common between the two than what separates them. Leo does like the Samsung Galaxy S6. Google Now is great, and it is better than Siri. iPhone apps, though, are better designed and the security is far better in iOS. So, in general, it's far more secure and Apple can force updates. With Android, however, he may not get the latest update for his phone for months because the phone manufacturer has to approve the update, and then the carrier has to approve it. Apple just pushes the update out when it's ready. Leo says if Dave likes Android, there's really no need to switch.