Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1231 (23:41)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott says that there's a movement underway to be able to watch movies in virtual reality. But that comes with it's own set of problems, chief of which is the sound, which would require a head tracking system to change the ton of the audio as you move around. And that would also mean a processor intensive issue.

Leo also wants to talk about the new Star Wars movie, which the full trailer came out. Tickets are already on sale, and he wants to know what's the best way to see it. Scott says that if it comes out in HDR with Dolby Vision, that would be the way to see it. But there's a very limited amount - 8 all over the country. But it should be pretty damn good. And in 3D will look good, especially with IMAX. In fact, seeing it in IMAX would be better for 3D because it'll be brighter, since they use two projectors.