How can I use two factor authentication with Hotmail?

Episode 1231 (1:43:21)

Laxman from Ft. Defiance, AZ
Authy for iOS

Laxman likes Leo's new show The New ScreenSavers and wonders if there's a Call for Help segment. Leo says there is and he can email them to make that request. They choose the best calls and then call that person back.

Laxman also wants to get two factor authentication on his Hotmail account. Leo says that's a great idea because it prevents people from claiming to be him and asking for a new password to steal his email account. He'll have to use a password authenticator like Authy, which will give him a secret code. He can enter that on his device and it'll be registered. But it doesn't always work. Some email programs will generate their own code and then he would input that on his phone. An application specific password via Microsoft.