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Watch Mike from Riverside, CA Comments

Mike has an HP Pavilion G Series laptop and the screen has gone black. Is the screen dead? Leo says that it could be. In laptops, it's often a frayed ribbon connector that has obstructed the video signal. Mike should try hooking it up to an external monitor to see if he can see it. If he can, then he'll know the computer is OK but the screen has either died or the ribbon cable has broken. But if he can't see anything with the external monitor, then it's probably the video card that has died or the motherboard has failed. And due to the age of the computer, there's really no user serviceable parts. So it's not worth repairing.

From the chatroom, it could be that the soldering on the motherboard needs to heat up to reconnect. He could wrap it in a blanket and let it heat up to see if the solder reheats, but Leo doubts it. He thinks the video card, which is on the motherboard itself, has died. Replacing the motherboard in a laptop is almost as expensive as replacing the entire laptop. So he may as well replace the whole thing. He should take out the hard drive and get a USB external housing to plug it in and get his data off it. Newertek makes a universal hard drive adapter for that very purpose.

Watch Tom from Cleveland, GA Comments

Tom has a five year old Gateway laptop and he's running out of hard drive space. He would like to replace it with a 1TB hard drive and install Windows 10. Leo says that since Tom has Windows 7 on his laptop, he gets a free Windows 10 upgrade. So once he gets invited by Microsoft to install it, he can do that easily.

Leo suggests going to and look for a tutorial on how to do a clean install of Windows 10 directly with the Windows 10 ISO. Leo doesn't really recommend it, so he should make sure to backup all of his data first. Then he can download the ISO, and that way he'll get installed media for Windows 10. Windows is tied to the machine, so when he makes that change, he'll need to input his Windows install key.

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Watch Clyde from Torrance, CA Comments

Clyde wants to know if iCloud works on Windows. Leo says that Apple does have an iCloud app for Windows, but he's not a huge fan. In fact, he doesn't like iCloud in general. To share data, there are far better solutions including Microsoft's OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Those are far better options for sharing files.

But iCloud does work, and it does work with Microsoft's Azure. He can Download iCloud for Windows here. He can also check out this page at for help setting up and using iCloud for Windows.

Watch Dave from LaMesa, CA Comments

Dave is debating making the switch to the iPhone so he can be in line with his daughter. Will he have any issues moving from Android to iOS? Leo says that there will be a learning curve and he'll have to reinvest in several apps. But there is more in common between the two than what separates them. Leo does like the Samsung Galaxy S6. Google Now is great, and it is better than Siri. iPhone apps, though, are better designed and the security is far better in iOS. So, in general, it's far more secure and Apple can force updates. With Android, however, he may not get the latest update for his phone for months because the phone manufacturer has to approve the update, and then the carrier has to approve it. Apple just pushes the update out when it's ready. Leo says if Dave likes Android, there's really no need to switch.

Watch Jacob from Cookville, TN Comments

Jacob has heard of a Red Rhino streaming box for $400. Is it legit? Leo says that price is crazy. It's based on Android TV and it could be that expensive because it has access to pirated TV stations, which is illegal. Specs are not impressive either. They're overcharging for what he'd get, and it even uses CODI, a free media center player based on XBox Media Center. But make no mistake, it steals movies and TV shows and there's a good chance it'll be rendered useless when Hollywood shuts them down. Leo recommends going with the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or the Apple TV.

Digital Trends also reviewed the Red Rhino box.

Watch Brian from Tonopah, NV Comments

Brian is going on an around the world cruise and he needs a good camera. Leo says that it's a good idea to get the camera well before he goes on his trip so he can play with it and learn how to use it before he goes. Brian doesn't want to switch lenses and wants a GPS as well. Leo says that if money is no option, the Sony DSC-RX1 is amazing. But at $3,000 it's a very expensive point and shoot. It's got a full frame sensor, so the low light performance will be the best.

A more affordable option is the Sony RX100. It's $500. It doesn't have a full frame sensor, but it has a 1" sensor, which is very good. That's a good compromise. Brian can check out DPReview for more ideas.

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Watch Laxman from Ft. Defiance, AZ Comments

Laxman likes Leo's new show The New ScreenSavers and wonders if there's a Call for Help segment. Leo says there is and he can email them to make that request. They choose the best calls and then call that person back.

Laxman also wants to get two factor authentication on his Hotmail account. Leo says that's a great idea because it prevents people from claiming to be him and asking for a new password to steal his email account. He'll have to use a password authenticator like Authy, which will give him a secret code. He can enter that on his device and it'll be registered. But it doesn't always work. Some email programs will generate their own code and then he would input that on his phone. An application specific password via Microsoft.

Watch Jason from Trinidad Comments

Jason wants to know if modern phones can stream FM radio. Leo says that some have that feature, but it's not in hot demand in the US. So his phone may not have it if it's bought in the US. If he's buying them from an international vendor, he'll have a better chance of getting a phone that supports it. If the hardware supports it, then he could use a third party android app to do it. But not in an iPhone. He'll likely have to root his Android phone to run a separate ROM. Leo likes Cyanogen Mod.

Leo recommends going to XDA Developers forums and input his model phone to get directions on how to root it. The older the phone, the easier it will be. He'll want to put a new boot loader on it, like Cyanogen. He'll also find what mod will best support FM radio for it. The chatroom found the instructions for rooting Jason's specific phone here.

Watch Dean from Denver, CO Comments

Dean wonders why people pay for Pandora and Spotify for their music when every song is on YouTube. Leo says that's a good question. YouTube also has it's own music service for $10 a month. It's really convenient. And many also use Apple Music as well. But if it's possible to just make a playlist and watch YouTube, then why not? The only thing is that he'd have to deal with ads.

Starting on Monday, YouTube will launch YouTube Red ad free for $10 a month, and if you already have Google Music, you get it for free.

Watch Scott from Corona, CA Comments

Scott bought some new DVDs and he wants to rip them to his Mac, but he's having trouble with it. Leo says it's likely due to copy protection. Leo recommends Handbrake and VLC VideoLan client. Both of those will work together to bypass copy protection and rip the movie to his hard drive. He can also use VLC to play the ripped video file back.

Is it piracy? Leo doesn't think so. He believes that people who buy DVDs have the right to make up a backup copy of their media in case they get scratched. As long as he doesn't sell them or post them online, it should be fine to rip them.