How can I find out if a domain name is available?

Episode 1230 (1:32:20)

Sonny from Torrance, CA

Sonny wants to use a domain name and he can't get the one he wants through GoDaddy. Leo says that GoDaddy may have bought it and will then turn around and try and sell it back to him for a higher price. Some believe they watch domain traffic and if he doesn't buy it, they'll snap it up. People don't have to build a website to buy a domain. They just buy them to reserve the domain for a later use. Others, though, cyber squat the domain and then scalp it, which it looks like GoDaddy is doing, and that's not the right thing to do.

Leo recommends doing a WhoIs search or the Internic Whois Search and it will tell him who owns the domain he wants. Then if it isn't owned by anyone, Bob can go to his domain registrar and buy it. Leo likes Hover.