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Watch Rob from Encino, CA Comments

Rob wants to know what happened to TIVO. Leo says that TIVO still exists, but since cable and satellite providers started offering their own DVRs, it's just been easier for people to use the box given to them. But Leo is still a fan and believes that TIVOs interface is far superior.

Rob could still use a TIVO with a cable card to turn it into his receiver. Rob wants to know where he can get TIVO to Go's desktop software. Leo says that TIVO replaced it with their Desktop browser viewer, and it's terrible. Mike B in the chatroom says to try KMTTG is an open source version of TIVO to Go. So it may be a good option.

It's sad that TIVO pulled TIVO to Go. It's because of Hollywood's fear of piracy.

Watch Ben from Memphis, TN Comments

Ben is trying to upload his images to Flickr, but sometimes it just doesn't work. Leo says dragging and dropping isn't perfect and it may be better to use Flickr's Desktop uploader. But he shouldn't stop there. Leo suggests using Google Photos, which will give him unlimited storage. And if he's an Office 365 user, he'll get unlimited storage on Microsoft OneDrive for free.

Watch Louis from Ontario, Canada Comments

Louis wants to know if there's a better way he can search his desktop for files other than Windows explorer. Leo says that back in the day, there were dozens, if not hundreds of shareware options. But they've all pretty much died away, as has shareware. One suggestion Leo has is to upload his documents to Google Docs, and then use Google to search through them.

Watch Eric from Hollywood, CA Comments

Eric has a first generation iPad that won't charge. Leo says that the original iPad needed a 10 watt charger and if he's using the smaller cube, that may be the problem. He should try a USB charger that's 5 volts and 2 amps. That should do it. If not, it's likely that the battery has reached the end of it's life and needs to be replaced. Apple will replace it for about $90, but if he's a hardy type, iFixit has directions and videos on how to do it.

(Disclaimer: iFixit is a sponsor)

Watch Robbie from Scotland Comments

Robbie upgraded to Windows 10, but he's having issues. Leo says that any Windows update can fail and that may be the case here. There is a way to reset Windows Update to go back to the previous version and try again. There may also be a registry key that is causing it, and Microsoft should have a Fix It utility that can get rid of it. has details on the fix for this as well.

The chatroom says that in Task Manager, turn off all non Microsoft services and then try the update again. But try resetting Windows again too. Leo bets all of this will be fixed with the Threshold 2 update next month.

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Watch Dick from Silverado, CA Comments

Dick can't find fax software anymore. Leo says that nobody really faxes with software anymore because the fax hardware simply isn't there anymore. This can be problematic since real estate companies still use hard copy faxes. Going forward, using an online service like eFax is the way to go. FaxZero is another. An all-in-one printer with a fax option is also possible. But he'll have to have a phone line to do it.

Another source is to look at is He may be able to find a fax utility there.

Watch Bill from Virginia Comments

Bill's cellular provider is CDMA and he's losing the ability to use his Motorola Moto X. Leo says that the good news is that everyone is moving to LTE/VoLTE, which means CDMA will disappear. Even now, when going with Verizon, you can see the phones have GSM SIM cards. But the older models won't work anymore. A newer one will likely work. Leo says it's time for a new carrier and T-Mobile would let him bring almost any phone to them. T-Mobile also has a pay as you go $30/month plan. It includes 100 minutes a month, unlimited text and data.

Leo says that before he uses his phone with a third party MVNO service like Ting, he should go to their website and type in his IMEI to see if they can support his phone. Another option is to try Google Fi and see if he can get an invite.

(Disclaimer: Ting is a sponsor)

Watch Sonny from Torrance, CA Comments

Sonny wants to use a domain name and he can't get the one he wants through GoDaddy. Leo says that GoDaddy may have bought it and will then turn around and try and sell it back to him for a higher price. Some believe they watch domain traffic and if he doesn't buy it, they'll snap it up. People don't have to build a website to buy a domain. They just buy them to reserve the domain for a later use. Others, though, cyber squat the domain and then scalp it, which it looks like GoDaddy is doing, and that's not the right thing to do.

Leo recommends doing a WhoIs search or the Internic Whois Search and it will tell him who owns the domain he wants. Then if it isn't owned by anyone, Bob can go to his domain registrar and buy it. Leo likes Hover.

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Watch Jim from Lakewood, CO Comments

Jim bought an Apple Watch and he uses it to control Leo's podcast. But he says that when he takes a picture on his phone, the podcast pauses. Leo says that Apple pauses the podcast when opening the camera because he may want to record video, and that requires the microphone. So anything playing in the background stops as a result. And using the iPhone 6s has the Live Photos video setting, which requires it.

Jim may be able to take away permission from the app to use the microphone, but usually, Apple exempts itself form those options. A third party camera app like Camera+ may be able to solve that problem.

Watch Paul from LaHoya, CA Comments

Paul wants to know if the Amazon Echo has to connect to his computer. Leo says that the Echo (named Alexa) would require an app on his smartphone, tablet or computer to configure it. After that, he won't need to connect it to anything but the internet. It works alone via Wi-Fi. Leo loves it. He uses it in his kitchen and has it read his audiobooks to him. He also uses it as a timer. And they are adding features all the time. It's a tad pricey, and it's hard for Leo to recommend it for everyone, but Leo thinks it's a taste of the future.

Watch Lou from San Diego, CA Comments

Lou is wondering if he should wait to upgrade to Windows 10. Leo says that next month will be Microsoft's huge Threshold 2 update, and Leo says it's probably a good idea to wait. He likes Windows 10 a lot, but it's not without some quirks. Some are even having trouble upgrading to it. If Microsoft says he's ready to update, it's probably safe to go ahead. But it won't hurt to wait until next month, especially if he's heavily reliant on his computer.

Watch Mark from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mark sees that the iMacs shown on Apple's site are only with i5 processors. Why can't he get an i7? Leo says that he can, but only with the top of the line Retina 4K models. So it'll cost him a few hundred more for that option. While there, he should get more RAM in it as well.

Watch Richard from Orange County, CA Comments

Richard wants to play content on his TV from his computer. But all he can see on his TV is the wallpaper. The TV screen will go black if he tries to play a movie. Leo says that's likely HDCP copy protection. Everything in the chain has to be HDCP compliant including TV, Cable, and the computer. So there's probably something in his chain that isn't.

It could also be a display issue. Richard should go into his settings and make sure that Mirroring is enabled, and make sure his display isn't extended. If he still gets a black screen, then it's a copy protection issue.

Watch David from Venice Beach, CA Comments

David is trying to use Adobe Premiere and it stops working. Leo says that Dave bought a serial number, and if it doesn't have disks, it won't work. That's Adobe's copy protection. Leo recommends just using Adobe Creative Cloud instead. He can put it on two computers. If his friend sold him his copy, he needs to give him the disks to install it as well. He'll probably have to contact Adobe and transfer it as well.