How can I renew my domain name registration?

Episode 1229 (28:46)

Dave from Los Angeles, CA

David wants to renew his domain and use another company to do it at a cheaper rate. Leo says that what Dave has to confirm is that he actually owns it. Some who use webhosts to host their website or who pay companies to build a website may find out that they don't actually own the website at all, the registrar or webhost does. At that point, he'd have to battle the webhost to get ownership transferred to him. Some even lock down the domain to make it even harder. Once he has it, there is an advantage to buying the domain name for a longer term. So if he can afford to buy it for 10 years, for instance, Google will rank him higher. Leo likes to use Hover, because they would let him buy domain names for up to ten years. Google Domains also does it.