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Watch Bob from Atlanta, GA Comments

Bob would like to create a master drive that he can put in a safe deposit box that has all his private information on it. Leo says that's a good idea, but he doesn't really have to go to that extreme. One option is Google Docs, which would be sharable to his attorney.

There's also Database Browser. A simple spreadsheet would also work, and may be best because he would be able to sort by column. If Bob is worried about security, he can password protect the document. Another great free option is Evernote. Bob can use his phone to take pictures or make notes and then upload them directly to it.

Leo also suggests putting some data on his smartphone, like medical information. First responders are trained to look at mobile phones to find important information. It's called "ICE" (In Case of Emergency).

Watch Dave from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David wants to renew his domain and use another company to do it at a cheaper rate. Leo says that what Dave has to confirm is that he actually owns it. Some who use webhosts to host their website or who pay companies to build a website may find out that they don't actually own the website at all, the registrar or webhost does. At that point, he'd have to battle the webhost to get ownership transferred to him. Some even lock down the domain to make it even harder. Once he has it, there is an advantage to buying the domain name for a longer term. So if he can afford to buy it for 10 years, for instance, Google will rank him higher. Leo likes to use Hover, because they would let him buy domain names for up to ten years. Google Domains also does it.

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Watch Paul from Auburn, CA Comments

Paul got his invitation to Google Fi and wants to know if he'll lose his ability to use ObiHai and VOiP. Leo says yes, probably. Leo uses Google Fi, and it can be used on all the new phones. At the bottom of, there is a link at the bottom to Google Voice and he'll have to link his Google Voice number to it. Leo likes it because it's extremely affordable at $20 a month for voice and text, and $10 per gig of data. You only pay for the amount of data you uses. Google Fi switches between Sprint and T-Mobile, depending on which service is stronger. But if Paul wants to save his Google Voice number, he'll have to choose it, otherwise, that Google Voice number will vanish.

Paul should check out the Google Fi FAQ for more information at

Paul can transfer his Google Voice to another account to keep it as well.

Watch Corral from Vancouver, BC Comments

Corral is thinking of switching back to the iPhone after leaving it for Android after the iPhone 3G. He's concerned about sending text messages. Leo says that Apple always uses Messages for SMS. This is a problem for group messaging. But within the Apple ecosystem, it's best. Other options include WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and those are platform agnostic. The downside is, everyone has to use them.

Watch Ed from San Marcos, CA Comments

Ed bought a new Mac and transferred all of his data and email accounts from his old Dell. But now he's not getting all the text of his emails. Leo says that this may be an email provider issue. Apple comes with a fully capable mail program. Leo says to go into the account settings to make sure everything is entered properly. Also, if his ISP is using POP instead of IMAP, it's downloading all of his email and then deleting it from the server. If using POP Mail, it's possible that Ed is only getting new email, not the old ones because they're gone. Leo says that if the emails aren't displayed with attachments or HTML, that could mean that any attached text would not appear.

Leo also has a hunch that all of his email is still there. Ed should check in his settings for "Load Remote Content in Messages." He should also try logging into his email via the webmail interface and he'll likely find it there.

Another option is to get a Google Mail account and have that gather his Cox mail. Then he can access it from Apple's Mail app.

Watch Manny from Whittier, CA Comments

Manny set up Karaoke in his house through his computer, but he's having lag issues. Leo says that the best way is to buy an all-in-one Karaoke box, as they're pretty cheap these days. But if he doesn't want to have that extra expense, Leo says there will be lag when plugging a mic into an analog jack. It won't be much lag, but it'll be enough to drive him a bit nuts. Leo suggests using different software that can compensate for that. Manny should try PCDJ. Another solution is to use a mixer, which would solve the lag problem, but it would be costly.

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Watch Joel from Lake Elsinore, CA Comments

Joel is a Disney artist and he uses Corel Painter to do his digital layouts. Leo says that Corel Painter is amazing because it really does come out looking like the real thing. What Joel wants to do is animate his artwork so it'll come alive to kids during Halloween. He's figured out how to do it, but he needs an affordable TV for it. He needs something that will play a loopable AVI.

Check out

Watch Elliot from Boston, MA Comments

Elliot (aka Mr. Robot) wants to know the best service to get his own domain email. Leo says most domain registrars offer mail forwarding. Leo likes Hover because they'll do it for $5 a year per address. Once he registers his domain, he can setup his Gmail account to handle it all. Here's how to do it, courtesy Doctor Mom -

Check out But he shouldn't buy Google Apps for Business. He won't need that. Can he also put up a website? Leo says of course!

Watch Thomas from Pasadena, CA Comments

Tom wants remove all of the preloaded AT&T apps off of his Motorola Moto G. Leo says the only way to do that is to root it, and that can be a hassle. One thing he can do without rooting is disable the apps in the app settings so they won't appear. They're still there, but he can essentially make them invisible.

Watch Don from Culver City, CA Comments

Don bought an HP laptop and he's had a strange problem where after upgrading to Windows 10, the computer won't wake up for over a minute after going to sleep. Leo says the issue is a bug in the BIOS. He recommends going to HP's site to look for a BIOS update. He should also make sure that it's sleeping, not hibernating. Hibernating is a deeper sleep that saves the RAM to the hard drive and turns off. Then when it powers up again, it has to reload that RAM, which takes time. So Don should go into his power settings and disable hibernation.

Windows Key + X, open the power menu, and select "Disable Hibernation." has a tutorial on how to do it.