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Episode 1228 October 11, 2015

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Watch Tom from San Dimas, CA Comments

When Tom plugs his iPhone into an Apple charging cable, he gets an error message that says "this accessory is not supported." Leo says that the cable may be on the verge of breaking, and as such, the iPhone is showing the error message. It could also be a buildup of pocket lint that is causing the connection to be occluded. Chances are, however, that he just needs a new cable.

Tom should check out this thread on the Apple forums about this issue.

Watch Ed from Crossville, TN Comments

Ed is having problems with his MacBook Pro giving him an error that his cable isn't supported after updating OS X. Leo says that it would be odd that it's a software issue. It would have to be a hardware problem.

Ed is also frustrated that he has a screen reader and when an ad pops up, he has to start reading the web page all over again. Leo says that's an accessibility issue and is a very good reason to use an Ad Blocker. Sites should be made aware that they have a responsibility to make their sites accessible.

Watch Noah from Chino, CA Comments

Noah was running the Windows 10 mobile preview, and when he tried to revert back to Windows 8, it failed due to a loose cable. Leo says that the same happened to him and Nokia swears that you can't brick a Lumia phone. There's always a way to recover it unless there's a physical defect.

Noah can try putting it into recovery mode with Windows Phone Recovery Tool (WPRT). He should download the latest version and follow the instructions for forcing a recovery. This could take several attempts, so he shouldn't give up. He should make sure to have the current drivers on his desktop as well.

Watch Cherise from Lancaster, CA Comments

Cherise is about to buy her first laptop and wants to know if she should buy the new Microsoft Surface Book laptop. Leo says while it looks great, it's still too early to tell, and it may not be the best option for Cherise since she's a Mac user. But Cherise says she's an Android user as well. Leo says that Android phones aren't really that great on either OS because they're designed to be wireless. Leo says that Android should wirelessly sync with either.

The other issue with the Surface Book is that it's not cheap, at around $2,000 for what she'll want. She may as well buy a MacBook Pro at that price. Still, since Cherise is a music teacher, the tablet capability of the Surface Book may be beneficial. So what it really comes down to is, what OS will Cherise be more comfortable with? It's really a preference at this stage. Leo is getting one to review, so we'll find out more about it then.

Watch Helen from Murrieta, CA Comments

Helen has an iPad, but she can't log into her Wi-Fi with her Zoom modem/router. Leo says that's an odd issue, especially since it can see the tablet. Leo says to try and "forget" the Wi-Fi in her iPad settings and then try and reconnect. That way she can re-input the password. It could be remembering the wrong password.

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Watch Sharon from Bell, CA Comments

Sharon's HTC One M9 is making an annoying "binging" sound with notifications. She turned off the notifications and it still makes it. Leo says to try the 'Do Not Disturb' setting to see if it still happens. It's possible it's a software glitch. She could fix it by doing a factory reset. But Sharon should backup her apps and contacts to her Google account first. It could also be a hardware issue, and in that case, her wireless provider should have to replace it.

Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim wants to be able to use his iPad to make annotations on photos and then sync them to his Mac. But Apple has killed iPhoto, and the photos won't sync to iPhoto on the Mac anymore. Leo says that he can't keep using iPhoto because Apple moved to Apple Photos, which won't talk to his old iPhoto desktop app. So Jim will have to update his desktop and start using Apple Photos. Then it'll sync again.

Another option is Adobe Lightroom, but it's $200. The good news is that the iPad version is free, though. Leo also recommends reading a book on Apple Photos. It's got some really great features that make it much better than iPhoto, but some of those features aren't obvious to discover.

Watch Christine from San Diego, CA Comments

Christine is having trouble burning DVDs via iDVD. Leo says that program hasn't been updated in years. Apple abandoned it, but many still use it. If Christine updated it, that could have broken the usability of it. It could also be a bad DVD blank. The bottom line is that the future is calling, and optical media isn't coming along with it. We're moving to the cloud. But for sharing movies with family members, a DVD is still a good idea.

It also could be a dying DVD burner. Leo suggests checking out the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements. If she can burn to that, then it's a software issue. If it still doesn't work, then she'll have narrowed it down to a bad DVD burner, and those are pretty cheap to replace at around $30. She should get a USB external drive from Asus or Samsung. They work with Apple hardware as well.

Watch Robert from LaPuente, CA Comments

How can Robert move from component to HDMI? Leo says that component is the last bastion of analog and he'll need a digitizing box to move to the digital signal of HDMI. But that's only half the problem. Robert may have an issue with copy protection as well with HDCP. There could also be sync issues.

If he's recording directly from over the air, then the easiest way would be to use a FireWire device. Leo recommends going to AVS Forums. There's bound to be someone who's doing the same thing Robert is doing, and has cracked it.

Watch Bill from Cal Mesa, CA Comments

Bill's Dashboard icon has disappeared from his old iMac. Leo says he can drag an icon out of the dock accidentally in the older versions of OS X. It's easy enough to put it back by going into the Applications Folder, and dragging it back into the Dock. It'll create an alias for it and set it back where it needs to be.

Watch Roger from Alabama Comments

Roger wants to be able to record music and play with images. Would the Chromebook be a good option? Leo says that he can do it on a Chromebook, but it's all mostly done in the Cloud. The problem is that it needs an always on internet connection, and it's not really that easy for higher end applications like music recording. There are some Chromebook extensions that can do it, however. A good way to test it is to use the extensions on his existing computer. SoundTrap is one. If Roger can do it on his existing computer, he'll be able to do it on a Chromebook.

Another option is Roger's iPad, which can record via GarageBand for free. He'll just need some hardware that can allow him to connect it. Leo recommends the Shure MV88, which will plug right into the iPad. If he wants to record a guitar, then iRecord is a useful interface to record instruments.

Roger's SmartTV has a frustrating interface. How can he connect his iPad to make that easier? Leo says he can't do that unless he uses an Apple TV. But there are some TVs that do support Bluetooth keyboards.

Watch Evan from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Evan has an old MacBook Pro running Boot Camp for Windows 7. He uses it for 3D modeling software and gaming. It's getting long in the tooth and now he's looking to upgrade. Leo says that Evan may want to wait for Intel's new Skylake processor. It may not be that much faster than the current Broadwell line, but it'll future proof him better. If he can't wait, Broadwell will be fine.

Evan is wondering if Apple will ever release a larger 17" screen again. Leo says no. Apple's pretty committed to the smaller form factor and wants users to connect via a larger desktop monitor. But the screens have improved in resolution, and a 15" Retina MacBook Pro will have better resolution and color than that older 17" model. A higher end 17" Windows machine is his other option, but he can't run OS X on Windows. Dell still makes a 17", as does Asus with its RoG line. But he'll be giving up OS X, which may not be the end of the world. Leo suggests sticking with the 15" MacBook Pro with Retina though. It's very nice.

Watch Brad from San Jose, CA Comments

Brad is having issues with Google Chrome freezing regularly on Windows 10. He can typically make it freeze by trying to print. Leo says he uses Chrome all the time on Windows 10, and hasn't had any problems, but he hasn't tried printing yet. Brad has already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. Leo suggests disabling extensions in Chrome, and Brad says he only uses LastPass.

PCGuy8888 in the chatroom says uninstall and delete or rename the user data folder. Leo also suggests getting rid of McAfee antivirus. Windows 10 comes with Defender, which is Microsoft's built-in antivirus program. Brad should go to Intel's site and get the McAfee uninstalling program.

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Watch Ron from Fallbrook, CA Comments

Ron is having problems with the Yosemite upgrade, which has messed up his image organization. Leo says that happened when Apple moved from iPhotos to Apple Photos. It's a mess. He's also having issues with iOS 9 on his iPhone. Leo says that unfortunately, it's Apple's way or the highway, and users who just go with the flow usually have less of a problem with it.

Ron should check out iMore's breakdown on how to use Apple Photos. Reading up on Photos' capability will give him insight on its new features, especially with Photo organization.

Ron's other option is to use a third party app or service like Google Photos or Adobe Lightroom.

Watch Jonathan from Georgia Comments

Jonathan has found that SiliconDust's HDHomeRun will record over the air video digitally so he can watch it through the network via ethernet. That way he doesn't have to capture it to move it, he can just record it and network his other TVs to it. It's about $130. There's also a Cable Card version. Leo says that the Chatroom has been talking about it for awhile.

Watch Clarence from Virginia Comments

Clarence is looking to jump from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Motorola Moto X. Thoughts? Leo says that if Clarence didn't hate the S4, Clarence will love the Galaxy Note 5. It has a better screen, fingerprint reader, better battery life, and a far superior screen. The benefit of the Moto X is that it's cheaper. It also would let him use a MicroSD card. It also has a nice Moto Assist feature for hands free operation. But feature for feature, the Galaxy Note 5 is far superior.

Watch Phil from Indiana Comments

Phil has an iMac that he plans to take with him into a barn where there's lots of dirt and dust. How can he keep the grille from clogging up with dust? Leo recommends using panty hose. It's extremely fine for filtering out most of the dust and dirt that Phil encounters. He may need duct tape to keep on, but it'll work because Leo has done it.

Watch Sylvia from Corona, CA Comments

Sylvia is a beginner and wants a computer that will let her do her daily email, internet, etc. Leo says that for a beginner, a Chromebook is ideal. They're inexpensive, very secure, and simple to use. Most people buy a computer that is simply too high performing for what they need. For what Sylvia needs, a Chromebook is easily the best choice.

Watch Jerry from Idaho Comments

Jerry has been traveling around via RV and he's having issues connecting to the internet, especially with his iPhone and Apple TV through hotspot mode. Leo says it's probably not fast enough to stream Netflix through his iPhone. But it's also very possible that AT&T is blocking Netflix or slowing it down. AT&T doesn't like that unlimited plan that Jerry has, and it's possible that they are throttling his connection after a certain amount of data. He's even tried it with Chromecast and it won't work either. He can watch via lightning connector and just watching it on his phone directly, though.

The chatroom says that Netflix blocks AirPlay. It's a copy protection issue. But disabling IPV6 in the Airport Utility settings is supposed to fix it. Leo recommends checking AppleTV Hacks for more information. He should also try turning off AirPlay Mirroring. It's in the AirPlay settings by swiping up from below.

Watch Christie from Tustin, CA Comments

Christie was given an iPhone 5S with AT&T for a gift and she uses Sprint. How can she use it? Leo says there's an issue with wireless frequencies, so she can't use it on Sprint. But she may be able to use it with T-Mobile. Leo uses T-Mobile in Northern California in urban areas.

Another option is to go with a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Google has one called Google Fi that uses both Sprint and T-Mobile, and it's $20 for voice and text and $10 per GB of data. She would need an invite, but she can request it. It'll use both Sprint and T-Mobile depending on what's best. Leo says she could try before she buys for a few weeks.

But if it works well in her area, then Leo suggests moving to T-Mobile.