How can I learn more about computers quick?

Episode 1227 (11:58)

Joanna from California

Joanna just got a new job but she's worried because she doesn't know much about Excel. Leo says that learning the basic functions of spreadsheets are totally learnable, as is managing email. It's just a matter of doing it. Joanna doesn't need to know how to take apart a computer to use one. Being familiar with Windows is a plus since most businesses use it. Windows 7 is probably what the business uses. If they have Windows 10 and she's not comfortable with that, she could just tell them she's holding off on the update until next month's "Threshold 2" upgrade. That'll score some points. She should spend some time learning Powerpoint, as most businesses use Powerpoint for presentations. Leo suggests Joanna check out It's not free, but affordable and they have great training videos.

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