Could I replace my external drive with cloud storage for my media?

Episode 1227 (1:17:10)

Joe from Austin, TX

Joe has a Mac Mini and he has been keeping programs on the internal drive and data on his external data drive. He wants to move all the data over to cloud storage, though. But he has about 160GB of data with movies, music, photos etc. Leo says that the amount of data he stores in the cloud will be limited by his upload speed. To get an idea of what his upload speed is, he could take his download bandwidth speed and reduce it by 75%, then divide that by the amount of data he wants to upload. It could take months. There are some cloud storage services that will send a hard drive to copy data to. That could be the way to go.

Leo also recommends backing up images and video to Google Photos where he'll get an unlimited "High Quality" backup. He can also store the full image quality, but then it will limit him to 15GB. Other options for online photo storage is Flickr, OneDrive, DropBox, and iCloud.