Why won't my computer boot up?

Episode 1226 (1:40:08)

Gail from Huntington Beach, CA

Gail would like to listen to Leo's show live on her phone. How does she do that? Leo says it may be easier to just listen to it from the website directly. She can use the TWIT App in the Google Play store. Leo uses the one by FConn. Leo is having an official TWiT app made, so that'll be coming up soon. TuneIn is a great app for it, as is iHeartRadio.

She also has a Dell XP 8000 for her business. She had to get a new modem and a hard drive, but suddenly, her keyboard died. Now she's having POST errors. What is happening to her computer? Leo says there's something so wrong that the power on self test has failed. This could mean she has a bad motherboard, which at the age of her computer is possible. But it could also be a loose RAM or video card. She can go in and make sure everything is seated properly. But if all that's done, then she shouldn't pay to fix it. It's too old.

What new computer should she get? Leo says to stick with Dell. She should get a Windows 10 computer and restore her backup from Carbonite. But she shouldn't throw away the old computer just yet. The hard drive is still good and can act as a bonus hard drive. She can keep that, and donate the old computer. She can then buy a USB external enclosure, put that 5 1/4" drive into it and she'll have an external drive to plug in to her new computer.