Why don't videos online play anymore in Windows XP?

Episode 1226 (1:59:12)

Francis from San Diego, CA

Francis can't get videos to play on websites anymore on her old Windows XP machine. Leo suspects this is a Flash issue. If Francis is going to have Flash, she needs to make sure she keeps it up to date. Leo says there's a few ways to use Windows XP safely. All of the bad stuff that could get on her system will come from the internet, so anything that gets online has to be kept up to date. The good news is that even though Microsoft isn't keeping Internet Explorer up to date, Google has said that it will keep its Chrome browser updated. Firefox has also said it will keep its browser up to date as well. Leo suggests that Francis use Internet Explorer one last time to get Google Chrome. Its a free download, and it actually has Flash built-in, so just by using it, she should be able to get video to work again.

Another way she can make Windows XP safer is to not use an administrator account. While she's in the administrator account, she should go to Control Panel and find Users and Accounts. Then she should make a new administrator account called "admin." Then log out of her current account, and log into the new account. Then go to Users and Accounts in Control Panel and downgrade her regular account to "limited user." She'll then use the limited user account for day to day use.