Why are my photos blurry in Windows 10?

Episode 1226 (1:36:20)

Pat from Cypress, CA
Windows 10

Pat has a problem with his Windows 8 computer which he just upgraded to Windows 10. It runs slower and he's also having issues with resolution of his photos. They even print blurry. Leo says that Windows 10 should speed up his computer, not slow it down. As for lower resolution photos, that's a concern. It could be a printer driver issue, or even the beginning of a flakey hard drive. He should try tweaking the settings. Here's a forum from windowscentral.com where others are discussing this same issue.

Windows 10 should not modify his data. But when Microsoft put out Windows 10, it was rushed to make the back to school crowd. There will be an update later next month which should fix all the problems. He can roll back, and he'll have 30 days from when he upgraded to do so. Then he can upgrade to the Windows 10 Threshold 2 later this year.