Where can I get a 3 amp USB Type C charger for my Nexus 6?

Episode 1226 (46:49)

Brian from Santa Ana, CA

Brian can't find a third party Type C charger for his new Google Nexus 6. He thinks that at $25, the Google one is overpriced. Leo says it's not bad. Type C connectors can be inserted either way, and it has the advantage of being able to charge via USB 3.1, which will transfer data far faster. The Type C 3 Amp charger will support quick charging, but does he really need it?

Brian should check out MonoPrice.com. If they don't have it, nobody does. And he'll have plenty of time before he gets it. A 2 amp charger would also work, and it supports quick charging. Amazon has one, but it's $25. So he's not saving anything.