What's a good mobile carrier for my area?

Episode 1226 (1:19:07)

Karen from Colorado

Karen is finding that her Virgin Mobile service is just terrible. Leo says that's because Virgin uses Sprint and their coverage is pretty spotty. There's no carrier that works everywhere, unfortunately. Karen should make sure to go with a service that works where she travels the most and where she lives. That's likely going to be AT&T or Verizon.

She also is looking to get the new Google Nexus 6P, since she can get a $50 credit. Leo says it's wiser to wait for the reviews. Although, three months of Google Music for free and a $50 credit for apps is pretty tempting. She can also use Google Fi, which Google has started. They combine T-Mobile and Sprint service, so it doubles up. That's the benefit of an MVNO like Google Fi. She'll need an invite to it, though. Google is opening it up, so she should apply for one. The price isn't bad, either -- $20 for voice and unlimited text, and then she'll pay as she goes $10 per gig for data. Quite a bargain.

Leo says reviews will be coming soon though, if she can wait.