Should I buy an iPad Pro?

Episode 1226 (1:47:58)

Chris from Florida City
iPad Pro

Chris says that financing on the iPad Pro is confusing. Should he just buy it outright or finance it? Leo says that financing on the iPad is far different on the iPad Pro because Apple isn't competing with carriers. But it usually costs more with interest. Apple has sweetened the pot with the iPhone, bringing the interest down to almost nothing. It's still better than buying it on a credit card. Leo advises waiting to see what the financing options are when it comes out. By then, Apple should make their terms and conditions more clear.

Leo says it's not like a regular iPad. It's designed for specific uses that need that much more real estate and Leo suspects it'll be somewhere in between an iPad and a Macbook. If he's an artist or video editor, it will be most naturally suited for him. For productivity, still not so much.