Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1225 (19:18)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about the new Chromecast audio. He says that the key for him is if it'll have the Tidal service, and if the quality is there, it could sound just like a CD. And what's cool is that it'll be available in any room in the house. Leo says not only that, but it empowers any wireless speaker to be a stereo. The real question is latency, especially in party mode. Scott says that Google will be bringing that in a firmware update. Leo also says if they tie Google Now to it, the party is over for Sonos.

Don is getting his first apartment and wants to get his first TV for sports and watching Doctor Who. Scott says he needs a good TV that handles motion, and also has good, deep blacks. Scott says that 4K is pretty much all there is now and he recommends the Vizio M series in about 65-70" for $2000. There's also the Panasonic CX850, which will be upgraded via firmware for HDR. But he'll pay for it at $4,000. The Samsung JS9500 is a 65" that costs $5,000. All these are pricey, but if he can afford it, it'll future proof him for quite awhile.

Leo says that Don could get a less expensive model and still be happy. Especially with Vizio, or even a projector.