How can I import files into the iPad?

Episode 1224 (12:39)

Thomas from Stanford, CA
Apple iPad Air 2

Thomas bought a new iPhone 6s, his first as he leaves the Windows Phone behind. Leo says it's too bad, because the Windows phone was nice, but it just came too late to the party. Thomas is partially blind and he's had to move to the iPhone because the accessibility features are so much better. Leo says that Apple has done a great job with accessibility.

Thomas would like to edit video on the iPad by importing clips, cutting them, and then exporting them. Leo says that the iPad is oversimplified in that there's no real file system. Each app is "sandboxed," so few files are available from one app to another, and where it's possible, it's really ungainly. Thomas can try Wi-Fi syncing, but he'd still need to use iTunes to do it. Another option is to put data on DropBox or Microsoft's OneDrive and then open it with iMovie.