Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1223 (1:13:37)

Johnny Jet

Johnny is joining us from Canada today and is talking about a new thing about FreeWiFi Networks to stay away from. Check out You can type in anywhere in the world and you'll get a list via Google Maps of risky local Wi-Fi hotspots in your area. But Leo says that since the site offers software to download, it could be a bit sketchy. When in doubt, when traveling, connect via VPN. It's the safest way.

Another Website option is Skurt Rental Cars. It's a lot like SilverCar, in that you can rent cars at a price from their Skurt App. The car is devliered right to you, with no lines and no paperwork. You just rent it through your phone. This is only available at LAX right now. What's great is, that they will meet you at baggage claim and walk you to the car.