How can I use my US phone in Italy?

Episode 1223 (52:23)

Yune from Los Angeles, CA

Yune is taking a European vacation to Italy and she's taking her iOS devices along with her. How can she call back to the States at no extra charge? Leo says that free Wi-Fi at the hotel or at a local internet cafe would allow Yune to make a FaceTime or Skype call.

Yune could also buy international data from her carrier. But when traveling to Europe, Leo advises turning off data roaming, or she may end up coming home to a bill for thousands of dollars. She should rely on the local free Wi-Fi options. Another option is to get a MiFi card and buy the local data SIM there in Italy.

Another option is to just have her phone unlocked by the carrier and buy a local SIM in Italy. She can get information on that at