How can I add a Wi-Fi router to a wired house?

Episode 1223 (1:23:27)

Don from Mission Viejo, CA

Don just picked up the Dell XPS 13 per Leo's recommendation with the touch screen and he loves it. Leo says when buying a PC these days, it makes sense to "load it up" to future proof it and use it longer.

Don bought a house a few years ago that came with a so-called "network box" that can run a network through house via Ethernet. But he'd like to get a new Wi-Fi Router. Leo says that having a Wi-Fi router isn't necessary if he has a house that's wired up for network access. Leo recommends putting his cable modem in with a wired switch, and then put the Wi-Fi router anywhere else he wants. It'll still plug into the network. It doesn't have to be where the modem is. But Leo would advise getting his own modem. Don should talk to his ISP about what modems they support and he should make sure he buys a DOCSIS 3.