How can I encourage my kids to get into technology?

Episode 1222 (1:23:28)

Edgar from 10 Fwy

Edgar has a trio of granddaughters and two of them are into robotics. Leo says that's a great hobby that can teach them and move them into greater endeavors. Currently, they're using LEGO Mindstorms. His kids are also involved in a special program partnered with NSA to teach them to use their skills to serve the country. He's realized that he needs to get them a computer so that they can learn more.

Leo says that giving them the tools, including a computer and internet will help them immeasurably. If he can't afford that, he can always go to a local library. Schools are also putting their books now on iPads. The best way to learn about technology is hands on. Leo suggests a Chromebook with cellular service. They're cheap and high performing. They're heavily sandboxed and secure. There's great resources online, starting with LEGOs. Also, he should get them a subscription to MAKE Magazine.