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Watch Brian from New York City Comments

Brian had an old laptop and he put a new hard drive in it with Windows 7, and it took him forever to patch it. Then the patches acted up. He thought Windows 10 could solve it since he was offered an upgrade by Microsoft. But Sony says he shouldn't upgrade it.

Leo says that if Windows offered him Windows 10, then his laptop has passed the compatibility checker and he should be good to go. Windows 10 runs much better than the previous version. Leo is happy with Windows 10 in spite of the compatibility issues. But those will likely be fixed with Service Pack 1 next month.

Watch Phillip from Camarillo, CA Comments

Phillip's girlfriend is having issues with her Wi-Fi. Leo says that it could be an interference issue with metal frames and dead zones in her home. Would a range extender work? Leo says that they can if she gets one from the same manufacturer as the original router. But if the main home is using a router from the carrier, then that could be a problem. It would be better to buy a new router with the extender and match them together. Another option could be powerline networking.

Watch Jim from Atlanta, GA Comments

Jim has been using Windows 10 for a few months and lately his password hasn't been working. He's also noticed that he has a new account that it attached to his Google account. Leo says that ideally, he'll want to use a Microsoft account, but if it's using his Google password, it could be that Jim's Google account is linked to his Microsoft account. He should check his Microsoft account at and see if he's made any connections inadvertently. It's probably OK, but signing in to a Microsoft account would be better.

There's no need to worry about a security issue. It would also be a good idea to turn on second factor authentication so he knows if anyone tries to change his password. He should also search for "Google security check" to see if he's properly locked down so it won't happen.

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Watch Joe from Gardena, CA Comments

Joe is trying to decide if he should upgrade to Windows 10. Leo says that some people love it and others have had "tales of woe." Leo says that most of those are due to people jumping the gun and trying to install Windows 10 directly, rather than waiting until they are invited to. When invited, your computer has passed the compatibility checker and you will receive an invite. That's when it's a good time to upgrade.

Watch Joe from Gardena, CA Comments

Joe created a site called, where you put your information in about street sweeping or other parking related restrictions. That goes into a database, and then people can get that information when they're looking to park somewhere. He found crowdfunding campaign sites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe, and he's wondering how he can get people to go to that.

Leo says that for a long time, it wasn't possible to publish a book, write for a newspaper or magazine, or do a radio show without getting a job doing that for someone else. Now, the internet and these crowdfunding sites can make a lot of that possible to do it independently. However, the only thing we miss when we're doing all of this on our own is marketing. For the most part, we've figured out solutions to the marketing and capital problem. It's cheaper than ever to produce content. If you need some money, these crowdfunding sites are useful, but it does come down to marketing. Social media helps to solve that issue, and you can recruit people through social media to help your cause. It takes creativity to figure out ways to do this, but it's possible to be successful with it.

Watch Jill from Jasper, GA Comments

Jill got a new wireless router and now it's kicking her off the internet, replicating the same problems of her previous router. Leo says that a router dropping the connection from time to time is often a sign of a failing router. Leo advises getting the Asus 3200. Cheap routers are a false economy as they don't perform well, so Jill should spend a little money and get a better router.

She may also want to check her environment. Jill has a Belkin, and Leo says it's hit or miss with them because they just re-label routers they get from overseas. If the router light is blue, that indicates that the router is connecting to the Internet ISP. Next to that should be some "blinky lights" that signify activity as data is being sent/received. Leo recommends doing a factory reset. She should unplug the router and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. Then plug it back in and let it reacquire the internet (note, router procedures may vary, so check the manual). That should clean it out and get it back to the default settings. Then she can reset her password and she should be able to get back online.

Watch Edgar from 10 Fwy Comments

Edgar has a trio of granddaughters and two of them are into robotics. Leo says that's a great hobby that can teach them and move them into greater endeavors. Currently, they're using LEGO Mindstorms. His kids are also involved in a special program partnered with NSA to teach them to use their skills to serve the country. He's realized that he needs to get them a computer so that they can learn more.

Leo says that giving them the tools, including a computer and internet will help them immeasurably. If he can't afford that, he can always go to a local library. Schools are also putting their books now on iPads. The best way to learn about technology is hands on. Leo suggests a Chromebook with cellular service. They're cheap and high performing. They're heavily sandboxed and secure. There's great resources online, starting with LEGOs. Also, he should get them a subscription to MAKE Magazine.

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Watch Bob from San Diego, CA Comments

Bob put all his information into his iPhone and now his notes are gone. Leo says that if Bob has iCloud activated, then that data has been synced to the Cloud, so he should be able to access it. Another option is to look in iTunes to see if the phone was backed up. He can browse the backup and sync back the missing data. The data should be at either place.

Inside of iTunes, there's a restore button and it should give him a choice of backups to restore. He should log onto his iCloud account and look under Contacts to see if the data is there. He should also turn off the iCloud backup so that it doesn't back up the phone as it is before he restores. Another good idea is to link his contacts to Google so it'll backup there.

Watch Benny from Pasadena, CA Comments

Benny is still trying to figure out what computer to get, and he's leaning towards a Dell. Leo says he has the Dell XPS13 and he really likes it. Powerful machines, like desktop replacements, aren't usually very light. But the XPS 13 is an ultrabook and it's very light. He can also get a touch screen option, but that adds more money.

For basic "stuff" a Chromebook may be a good option as well. A lot of times, people buy more computer than they really need. But a Chromebook handles most of everything he'd ever do online. They're easier to use, more secure and more reliable. And cheaper too! He'd have Google Docs to do all of his work. It's really an ideal solution for everyday things.

Watch Sage from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sage wants to know how he can update his email through iCloud. He's changed his email address and he wants to know how he can log in without it. Leo suggests calling Apple to request a password recovery link. He should look for the iForgot link. He'll get a few questions and then they'll reset it for him.

Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David is getting a low battery warning even though he's got his laptop plugged in. Leo says that a UPC battery backup could trigger that, as could the surge protector if it's malfunctioning. Both will prevent his laptop from charging if they are defective. The good news is that a laptop is built robust enough that he doesn't really need a surge protector.

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom wants to know what brand to use for powerline networking, where you use your electrical wiring as a network infrastructure for your network. Leo says he's become a convert to powerline networking. It's gotten a lot better in the last few years. He just plugs in this special kit and he's getting about 20 MB per second, which isn't too bad.

Leo suggests checking out the Powerline Networking Alliance. TPLink is great if he uses Google's OnHub router. One thing to keep in mind is that it won't work across junction boxes. So he should be aware that he'll need only copper between the plugs. It's not as fast as Ethernet, but if he can't lay the cable, then powerline networking is a good secondary option.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay is trying to install Linux on an old laptop and it just won't install. He's trying to use Lubuntu. Leo says Jay is going to want to use Ubuntu's Package Manager for the installer and Chromium is the default browser. It could be an issue with the library. He should check with Chromium to see if the browser is having issues with it. He may need to go find the missing library and install it. This is why Linux is a third party OS, and not mainstream. It's so open source that he has to support himself on it.