Why can't my tablet stream Netflix?

Episode 1221 (1:42:16)

Christie from Valencia, CA

Christie just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note V. Leo says to be careful with stylus because you can easily get it stuck if you put it in the wrong way. She bought it because it came with a free tablet, but she has to pay an extra $10 a month for data and Netflix won't work. She's frustrated because everybody blames the other guy. When she took it back, it worked fine at the store. Leo says that indicates that Christie's Wi-Fi connection is suspect. Leo says it could be a problem with AT&T's UVerse and their router. So Leo says that by the process of elimination, AT&T is to blame here, and it's likely that they're using some shennigans to get her to quit streaming and use their TV service.

Here's a note from AT&T forums about it. She should also Google how to change her DNS settings in the AT&T router.

From the chatroom, it could be a limitation of others streaming in another room. But Christie says that's not the issue. It just won't stream on her tablet unless she uses the 4G.