What should I replace my Moto X with?

Episode 1221 (12:20)

Mike from Canyon Lake, CA
Motorola Moto X

Mike wants to know if the OnePlus Two is a good deal. He recently returned the Motorola Moto X and is looking at getting one to replace it. Leo says that the OnePlus Two has started to leave him cold, and the Motorola Moto X doesn't have security features like a fingerprint scanner. Leo says that while the Moto X has a 21 MP camera, it doesn't have good low light performance without optical image stabilization. And the battery life has left him disappointed because it doesn't last all day. Neither does the OnePlus Two, however. The OnePlus Two does have a fingerprint scanner and OIS for the camera, but the screen falls short. The colors look washed out. Since he'll have to look at it all the time, it's disappointing. The OnePlus Two has already patched for the Stagefright exploit, whereas the Moto X hasn't yet.

One thing Mike may want to wait for is Google's new Nexus phones, which are coming later this month. There's really no perfect phone though. Leo's probably going with the iPhone 6s Plus as his daily phone from here on out as iOS 9 has really improved battery life.