iPad Mini 4 Arrives

Episode 1221 (02:23)

Apple iPad Mini 4

Leo says that the new iPad Mini 4 is essentially the iPad Air 2 shrunken down. The Air 2 wasn't updated. The Mini 4 has about 50% better performance and better graphics from the previous Mini. Leo says it a good size. The larger 12.9 inch iPad Pro won't be out until November.

In other iOS news, Apple has released iOS 9 and has managed to work it so that it installs with a smaller footprint so users don't have to worry about space, especially those 16GB iPhone users. The upgrade is a really good move and people should make the jump. The keyboard now shows lowercase letters when the caps lock is off, but those who don't like it can disable that in the accessibility settings. iOS 9 also supports running two apps side by side by swiping over from the right side of the screen and selecting an app.