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Watch Mike from Canyon Lake, CA Comments

Mike wants to know if the OnePlus Two is a good deal. He recently returned the Motorola Moto X and is looking at getting one to replace it. Leo says that the OnePlus Two has started to leave him cold, and the Motorola Moto X doesn't have security features like a fingerprint scanner. Leo says that while the Moto X has a 21 MP camera, it doesn't have good low light performance without optical image stabilization. And the battery life has left him disappointed because it doesn't last all day. Neither does the OnePlus Two, however. The OnePlus Two does have a fingerprint scanner and OIS for the camera, but the screen falls short. The colors look washed out. Since he'll have to look at it all the time, it's disappointing. The OnePlus Two has already patched for the Stagefright exploit, whereas the Moto X hasn't yet.

One thing Mike may want to wait for is Google's new Nexus phones, which are coming later this month. There's really no perfect phone though. Leo's probably going with the iPhone 6s Plus as his daily phone from here on out as iOS 9 has really improved battery life.

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Watch T. Harris from San Diego, CA Comments

T bought a new Dell laptop and it turned out to be a lemon. So he had to send it back for repair. But he decided while he was waiting for the return box he decided he didn't want a Dell after all. He'd rather get a refund. Now Dell says it's too late. Leo says that if it wasn't past the 90 day return, T should be able to. The day he tells them he wants to return it, they can't legally run the clock out. But Leo says T may have to resort to a consumer protection agency to get recompense.

Leo advises writing to Michael Dell, the President of Dell Computer in Roundrock, TX and let him know the story. He has an office devoted to providing an answer to concerns like this, especially if he bought the Gold level warranty. He may be able to charge it back to his credit card as well.

Watch Paul from Oceanside, CA Comments

Paul's business uses iPads for his employees and he needs an app to enter data in the field. Leo says that Filemaker has a great app called Filemaker Go that enables users to create custom data forms to enter and then sync to the desktop. He'll also need the desktop app as well. The chatroom says Google Docs will also do the job.

Watch Bruce from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bruce has a boot loader that loads either Windows 7 or Windows 2000 for certain applications. Will upgrading to Windows 10 mess this up? Leo says it should be savvy enough to handle it, but it will wipe out Windows 7 if he accepts the upgrade. Leo suggests not doing the upgrade. Bruce should instead install it separately and see if it asks him if he wants to create a multi OS system. If not, Leo advises using NeoSmart EasyBCD.

So Bruce should download the Windows 10 ISO separately and install from scratch. He should just make sure to read the prompt and not choose to overwrite it. Although he may have to buy Windows 10 separately, as the free upgrade is contingent on replacing Windows 7.

Watch Andrew from Tennessee Comments

Andrew has the HTC One and he's trying to figure out whether to get the new HTC One or the Moto X as his next phone. Leo says he wouldn't buy a new HTC phone because the phone company is likely going to pivot into VR. They aren't doing well with mobile phones of late.

If Andrew wants to stay with Android, Leo's favorite at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. But the Moto X Pure is $400, and it has NFC and HDR. He should get the Moto X from

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Watch Jordan from Hawaii Comments

Jordan has a website and wants to be able to change servers without having to change his email address. Leo says that's what GMail is great for. All he has to do is go into settings and setup mail forwarding to a standard Gmail account from his domain name. That way if it changes domains, his email still goes to the same place.

Jordan also runs his own server inside his network. Leo says that's a security issue. It's a great project, but it's also risky. He doesn't have as much bandwidth as a website host does. One smart thing to do is have two routers, so he can sandbox the incoming traffic without screwing up his own network activity. Leo advises going to

Watch Christie from Valencia, CA Comments

Christie just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note V. Leo says to be careful with stylus because you can easily get it stuck if you put it in the wrong way. She bought it because it came with a free tablet, but she has to pay an extra $10 a month for data and Netflix won't work. She's frustrated because everybody blames the other guy. When she took it back, it worked fine at the store. Leo says that indicates that Christie's Wi-Fi connection is suspect. Leo says it could be a problem with AT&T's UVerse and their router. So Leo says that by the process of elimination, AT&T is to blame here, and it's likely that they're using some shennigans to get her to quit streaming and use their TV service.

Here's a note from AT&T forums about it. She should also Google how to change her DNS settings in the AT&T router.

From the chatroom, it could be a limitation of others streaming in another room. But Christie says that's not the issue. It just won't stream on her tablet unless she uses the 4G.

Watch Louis from Dayton, OH Comments

Louis has an old laptop that he wants to replace. He first tried to replace the hard drive and now he has strange error messages. Leo says that for what Louis uses it for, a Chromebook is probably the best option. It's dedicated, sandboxed, secure and he can bank on it. It's perfect for what Louis wants to use it for.

Watch Sarah from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sarah wants to know about Bitcoin. Leo says that Bitcoin is just like paper money, in that it's a "fiat currency." But the danger is that it's not backed by the US government (even though they will take it as payment). The main thing to understand is that a bitcoin wallet is the only place that bitcoin lives and if someone steals that wallet, it's over. So it should be backed it up. It's a challenge to make money with it, and it's wildly speculative. That's why Leo doesn't recommend investing in it. But it's an interesting way to pay people online.