Why does my iPad keep crashing?

Episode 1220 (1:49:25)

Paul from Tarzana, CA
Apple iPad Air 2

Paul bought an iPad Air 2 and it reboots itself, so he returned it and got a new one, and it's rebooting again. Sometimes the iPad can crash in the SpringBoard, which is called a ReSpring. But that's just Springboard reloading. If it's a hard crash, that could be a hardware issue. But since Paul replaced the tablet and his app is crashing, that points to a specific app problem. If it's video streaming, then that's an unrelated bandwidth issue. And if the crash persists after he removes the app, then he may need to do a factory restore to reset the tablet completely and reload the OS. That's probably best anyway. If that fixes it, then he'll know that the app modified the iPad in some way.