Why does it take so long to upload my videos to YouTube?

Episode 1220 (2:15:10)

John from Yorba Linda, CA

John records his daughter's volleyball games and he's having issues uploading the 4K video. Leo says that's not surprising. We're all uploading more, and bandwidth is usually "asymmetric" where download speeds are much faster than upload speeds. John could pay for the next tier of service. If he has Google Fiber in his area, it's symmetric which is much faster.

Leo suggests transcoding the video to something like MP4 to make it smaller. John should check out Handbrake. YouTube doesn't need 4K quality, so he can drop down to 1080p. It'll look just as good. He can experiment with short videos to see what the best versions will be and how well they upload.

John also caught the dog chewing on his daughter's iPhone and now they can't do much with it, even though it powers on. Leo says that the 5C is fairly repairable and chances are the digitizer is probably damaged. He can get that fixed for about $100.