What's a good eCommerce solution on a budget?

Episode 1220 (1:42:25)

Piam from Los Angeles, CA

Piam has a website to sell a home based fire suppressant. He wants a simple system that makes it easy to update. He uses Populr.me and it's just not easy. Leo says it's not cheap either. Sure they give him stats, but a good web host will do that as well. They don't use eCommerce either, which is what Piam needs. They also mislead people as to who uses their service, and they make an ad for their service on his paid site. Piam really wants to have eCommerce built in since he's trying to sell something. Leo advises SquareSpace. He can set it up with a two week trial, and even the $8 a month plan has eCommerce.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).