What's an affordable surveillance cam with high resolution video?

Episode 1220 (2:02:00)

Jeff from Mass
Nest Cam

Jeff's condo has been having several break ins and he's looking for a surveillance camera good enough to prosecute with. He's told that Wi-Fi cameras aren't good enough. Leo disagrees. Synology makes a good quality camera for an affordable price, and he's used DropCams (now called Nest) and they're good as well. They're 1080p HD and the quality is superb. It also helps if the area is well lit and the camera is positioned as close as possible. Nest Cam will offer online cloud recording for a monthly fee and Jeff could access it everywhere. Axis is also a great option. The chatroom does say that hardwiring will prevent jamming, making them more reliable. Leo agrees saying he's wired his at the Brickhouse. Jeff should check out nest.com and look at their live video feeds.