How can I move data from one computer to the next?

Episode 1220 (57:45)

Saba from California

Saba is selling a product online and she wants to update her website with new images and videos. But she's having trouble doing it. How can she transfer pictures and videos from a computer that doesn't work to another? Leo says that making sure she has backups, especially online, makes it much easier. Leo says one way is to upload videos to YouTube and link to them.

As for backing up software, there is not an easy way to back up an application. It's always better to use the original installation disk. There are third party apps that claim to do it, but Leo's experience is hit and miss. Saba could go to the app's website and download the trial version and then input her serial number to register it. If she has an online login, like for Adobe, they should have her serial number when she logs in and it should register it for her.