How can I change the background in my phone contacts app?

Episode 1220 (49:30)

Gary from Laguna Nigel, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Gary just updated to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and he likes that he can use a spare button. Leo says that every time he would get a new Note in the past, he would buy extra batteries. He also likes the additional SD card slot for storage. Both are very nice features. Gary loves the Note 4 except for one thing -- when he goes into the contact page, the background color is white, making it harder to see the areas to enter data. Can he change that? Leo says that Samsung may have a dark theme. He should look in the settings for theming capabilities, and change it there. Otherwise, look in accessibilities where he can change the contrast. That will change everything on the phone, though.

The final method is to not use Samsung's dialer, and use a third party dialer instead. Gary can look in Google Play for TrueDialer, or Facebook's dialer. Maybe he'll find one that has a darker background.

Gary also uses the Canon 7D Mk. II for his bird photography, and he says that the focusing is really fast, even with long range lenses. Leo says that nowadays, digital photography is very good quality across the board, so it really comes down to the little things right now like faster focusing, etc.