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Watch Anthony from California Comments

Anthony is buying a newly built home and it comes with Cat5 Ethernet cable. He's wondering how the Wi-Fi performance will be. Leo says it depends on the design, but he may need to get a few access points and salt the house with them here and there. Leo recommends staying within the family of his main router.

Another good idea is to use the same name and password with every wireless access point. One other option is to use WDS as his firmware for the router, so he should make sure he has a WDS compatible router. Some people, Leo included, also use power line networking, which utilizes the electrical wiring as the internet network connection.

Check out and for tips on how to make your network more efficient and better performing.

Watch Jack from Anaheim, CA Comments

Jack is a teacher and he uses Facebook to keep an eye on his at-risk students in case they post suicidal thoughts online. Now Facebook is questioning whether he is a real person or not. Leo says Facebook's new policy requires users to use the same name as is on their ID. This is to prevent bogus accounts from being created, or from identities being stolen. It's likely someone complained to Facebook that Jack wasn't using his right name, even though there's a very good reason not to. Jack could Google student names and then look at their Facebook page without logging in, though. If they've posted publicly, anyone will be able to see it.

Watch Laurie from California Comments

Laurie found a new account on Windows called ASP.Net. What is that and can she get rid of it? Leo says that it sounds like an update that wasn't finished. Or it could be an unfinished install of a game that requires it. Leo says that in Windows Update, there's a section for network updates. Laurie should go into that and redownload the existing update. Rerunning it should get rid of the ASP.NET account.

Leo also says to be careful what programs your kids install by running as a limited user so you have to verify the install before typing in your admin password. Check out this technote at Laurie can also check out Sysinternals at

Watch Gary from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Gary just updated to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and he likes that he can use a spare button. Leo says that every time he would get a new Note in the past, he would buy extra batteries. He also likes the additional SD card slot for storage. Both are very nice features. Gary loves the Note 4 except for one thing -- when he goes into the contact page, the background color is white, making it harder to see the areas to enter data. Can he change that? Leo says that Samsung may have a dark theme. He should look in the settings for theming capabilities, and change it there. Otherwise, look in accessibilities where he can change the contrast. That will change everything on the phone, though.

The final method is to not use Samsung's dialer, and use a third party dialer instead. Gary can look in Google Play for TrueDialer, or Facebook's dialer. Maybe he'll find one that has a darker background.

Gary also uses the Canon 7D Mk. II for his bird photography, and he says that the focusing is really fast, even with long range lenses. Leo says that nowadays, digital photography is very good quality across the board, so it really comes down to the little things right now like faster focusing, etc.

Watch Saba from California Comments

Saba is selling a product online and she wants to update her website with new images and videos. But she's having trouble doing it. How can she transfer pictures and videos from a computer that doesn't work to another? Leo says that making sure she has backups, especially online, makes it much easier. Leo says one way is to upload videos to YouTube and link to them.

As for backing up software, there is not an easy way to back up an application. It's always better to use the original installation disk. There are third party apps that claim to do it, but Leo's experience is hit and miss. Saba could go to the app's website and download the trial version and then input her serial number to register it. If she has an online login, like for Adobe, they should have her serial number when she logs in and it should register it for her.

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Watch Randy from Seattle, WA Comments

Randy's wireless provider is an MVNO, or a third party carrier, and the phones he gets are unlocked as a result. But he wants to buy a new phone and keep his existing account. Leo says he can, as long as it's GSM. Leo suggests going with T-Mobile because it's unlocked out of the box. Then he can use it with any carrier.

The iPhone is different because they require activating the phone with a carrier first. Leo says that's very weird since Apple sells mostly to the main four carriers and it would be a burden to have to activate a new phone and then cancel your account. It's likely that Randy is just getting the wrong advice from the carrier or salesman. Leo did it and he had no trouble just putting his SIM in and using it.

Watch Elliot from Boston, MA Comments

Elliot updated to Windows 10 and now he gets a blue screen. Leo says that can happen when using the Windows Insider version and installing an update. It could be due to using Beta versions. Leo advises going into the recovery mode and rolling back. He can press F8 when booting up to do that. Then he can try to apply the update again. Windows 10 has an excellent recovery utility. If it's a hard drive error, however, he may have to start over and replace the drive.

Watch Chuck from San Diego, CA Comments

Chuck is moving to the iPhone 5C from a 4S. Is it worth it? Leo says a bigger screen is always good. But he should make sure to update the OS since he's inheriting the phone.

Watch Piam from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Piam has a website to sell a home based fire suppressant. He wants a simple system that makes it easy to update. He uses and it's just not easy. Leo says it's not cheap either. Sure they give him stats, but a good web host will do that as well. They don't use eCommerce either, which is what Piam needs. They also mislead people as to who uses their service, and they make an ad for their service on his paid site. Piam really wants to have eCommerce built in since he's trying to sell something. Leo advises SquareSpace. He can set it up with a two week trial, and even the $8 a month plan has eCommerce.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).

Watch Paul from Tarzana, CA Comments

Paul bought an iPad Air 2 and it reboots itself, so he returned it and got a new one, and it's rebooting again. Sometimes the iPad can crash in the SpringBoard, which is called a ReSpring. But that's just Springboard reloading. If it's a hard crash, that could be a hardware issue. But since Paul replaced the tablet and his app is crashing, that points to a specific app problem. If it's video streaming, then that's an unrelated bandwidth issue. And if the crash persists after he removes the app, then he may need to do a factory restore to reset the tablet completely and reload the OS. That's probably best anyway. If that fixes it, then he'll know that the app modified the iPad in some way.

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Watch Jeff from Mass Comments

Jeff's condo has been having several break ins and he's looking for a surveillance camera good enough to prosecute with. He's told that Wi-Fi cameras aren't good enough. Leo disagrees. Synology makes a good quality camera for an affordable price, and he's used DropCams (now called Nest) and they're good as well. They're 1080p HD and the quality is superb. It also helps if the area is well lit and the camera is positioned as close as possible. Nest Cam will offer online cloud recording for a monthly fee and Jeff could access it everywhere. Axis is also a great option. The chatroom does say that hardwiring will prevent jamming, making them more reliable. Leo agrees saying he's wired his at the Brickhouse. Jeff should check out and look at their live video feeds.

Watch DeeDee from Minneapolis, MN Comments

DeeDee has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and has been having issues with apps crashing. Leo says that the Samsung TouchWiz interface could be causing the issue. Phones with a pure version of Android like the OnePlus Two and the Google Nexus never have the issue. So the interface is just taking up too much RAM as it's running on top of Android. Android also needs more memory. Leo advises doing a complete reset and avoid modern games because they expect a more powerful processor to run. The S3 is a few years old now. DeeDee can also try rooting it.

Watch John from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

John records his daughter's volleyball games and he's having issues uploading the 4K video. Leo says that's not surprising. We're all uploading more, and bandwidth is usually "asymmetric" where download speeds are much faster than upload speeds. John could pay for the next tier of service. If he has Google Fiber in his area, it's symmetric which is much faster.

Leo suggests transcoding the video to something like MP4 to make it smaller. John should check out Handbrake. YouTube doesn't need 4K quality, so he can drop down to 1080p. It'll look just as good. He can experiment with short videos to see what the best versions will be and how well they upload.

John also caught the dog chewing on his daughter's iPhone and now they can't do much with it, even though it powers on. Leo says that the 5C is fairly repairable and chances are the digitizer is probably damaged. He can get that fixed for about $100.