Why can't I back up photos from my iPad?

Episode 1219 (33:40)

Scott from Texas
Apple iPad

Scott has an iPad Mini 2 with thousands of pictures on it. But when he plugs it into iTunes, it won't back them up. Leo says that backing up the iPad should have moved over all the photos. So if it didn't, that's a concern. iTunes should back up everything, then he should be able to restore it all to a new iPad.

The other option is to backup to iCloud via Wi-Fi. It's slow, but it will work. Scott should turn on iCloud Photo backup to do this. There's also third party backup services like Google Photos and Flickr. If Scott is a Microsoft Office user, he'll have unlimited storage with OneDrive. There's also DropBox with its automatic Camera Upload.

On the PC, TouchCopy should be able to copy over the iPad photos and bypass Apple's sandboxing. On the Mac, PhoneView should get around it as well.

This technote from discussions.apple.com may help.