Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1219 (20:40)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins us to talk about the new Apple TV. Leo says it's odd that there's no 4K and it uses the old HDMI 1.4 standard, which Scott says can't carry the full resolution 4K bandwidth. It can't carry a limited, 8 bit color version, but it definitely won't handle high dynamic range for high frame rate. So from a 4K stand point, it's not all that great. Leo says that he recommends the Roku because it has 4K support and just about everything else but iTunes. The cool thing is search by Siri. Scott says that Apple is great with interfaces and being able to search across platforms is a good thing, although other devices have been doing it for awhile, so it's kind of catch up.

Scott also wants to get the iPad Pro. Resolution is not quite 4K at 3840x2160. So it'll be scaled down for 4K and scaled up for 1080p, and that's never good. It softens the picture either way. If you have an Apple TV, should you rush out and get the new one at three times the price? Scott says not right away. Leo agrees that people shouldn't rush, and to wait and see what apps come on board.