How can You prevent spammers from friending you on Facebook

Episode 1219 (1:32:30)

There's a new friend scam going on Facebook where phantom accounts try to get you to add them. Kim Schaffer had that issue last night and went to her settings and changed it to friend of friends only. Leo says that it's a spam scam, but he isn't really sure what there is to gain by it. Another new scam is called Facebook Kidnapping where other people will copy all your images and create another account. Leo recommends being very picky about friending people. Keep your privacy settings limited and only friend people you know or are recommended by others. Another tip is to hide posts of people that publish too much. You can also change a relationship status from friends to acquaintences, and it will reduce the number of posts you get from them. Or add them to another list. There's a Facebook extension called the Facebook Flat. It's ad free and just focuses on the post. Leo likes it because it streamlines Facebook and makes it easier to read.