Is the Apple Watch good for accessibility?

Episode 1219 (1:44:55)

Ellie from Hawaii
Apple Watch

Ellie would like to buy the iPhone 6s with its 3D Touch. She doesn't understand why apple doesn't dump the 16GB iPhone and make the 32 GB the entry, especially because of the 4K features. Leo agrees, but they want to keep it under $650.

Ellie also would like to get an Apple Watch, but is wondering about its accessibility features. Leo says he knows a blind person who swears by it and says it's the best talking watch he's used. Ellie also has a complaint about the Apple TV, which often freezes. Leo says that Wi-Fi is always going to be the issue when that happens and Leo recommends hardwiring the Apple TV to avoid interference. Also, her connectivity/bandwidth can be limited, and that will cause it.