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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil ordered the iPhone 6s Plus and will get it in two weeks. Leo says Neil's lucky because there's a month delay now in getting it. He wants to know how to easily migrate his user settings and data over from his current iPhone 6 Plus. Leo says that that when Neil restores from his iCloud backup, everything will be copied, and it will download the latest versions of the apps from the Apple store. It's relatively straight forward and easy.

Watch Scott from Texas Comments

Scott has an iPad Mini 2 with thousands of pictures on it. But when he plugs it into iTunes, it won't back them up. Leo says that backing up the iPad should have moved over all the photos. So if it didn't, that's a concern. iTunes should back up everything, then he should be able to restore it all to a new iPad.

The other option is to backup to iCloud via Wi-Fi. It's slow, but it will work. Scott should turn on iCloud Photo backup to do this. There's also third party backup services like Google Photos and Flickr. If Scott is a Microsoft Office user, he'll have unlimited storage with OneDrive. There's also DropBox with its automatic Camera Upload.

On the PC, TouchCopy should be able to copy over the iPad photos and bypass Apple's sandboxing. On the Mac, PhoneView should get around it as well.

This technote from may help.

Watch Dave from New York Comments

Dave wants to upgrade his rooted Android phone by installing the Cyanogen or Oxygen mod. Leo recommends Oxygen, yet also says both are stable and have yielded great results for him.

Watch Albert from Henderson, NV Comments

Albert wants to know if there's any way to stream audio on his phone without killing his data caps. Leo says no. It'll use what it uses, but T-Mobile offers a way around this. They have deals with some of the streaming services and they don't count it against your data. T-Mobile calls it "Music Freedom".

T-Mobile is very aggressive with great packages that include stuff like this, which is one of the reasons Leo likes them.

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Watch Christian from Menifee, CA Comments

Christian has a budget of $1000 for a gaming laptop. Leo says that's a good budget. Alienware is good, as is MSI. Leo recommends also taking a look at the ASUS ROG gaming laptops. There's a pretty broad range of price points. They're running Windows 10 with DirectX12. That is Leo's first choice, and Christian can customize them based on his budget.

The problem with gaming laptops is that it's hard to tell if they're expensive because they're better or because of fancy styling. Since Alienware is owned by Dell, he should be able to find a good match. Christian should make sure he gets a DirectX12 compatible system since that'll be the standard moving forward.

Watch Jamie from Hollywood, CA Comments

Jamie wants to know what Leo thinks of the Amazon Echo. Leo says he uses it all the time. In fact, he has two of them. He says that once you get used to talking to it, you think you're just talking to your house. Leo wants to get more of them, because they're affordable and very functional. He even uses them to read his audio books.

Watch Art from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Art is having trouble with Windows 10. He registered just like he should have, but he got anxious and upgraded it manually. Leo says that's where Art went wrong. There's likely a compatibilty issue because he jumped the gun. Microsoft has been customizing the builds for each computer and when it's ready, they tell you it's time so you can then install it.

Leo recommends rolling back to the previous version and starting over. Then he should wait. Leo was notified almost immediately after he did this. Then he did the upgrade and it worked and activated smoothly. If Art can't roll back, the good news is that the next update in about two weeks should fix everything.

Watch Ellie from Hawaii Comments

Ellie would like to buy the iPhone 6s with its 3D Touch. She doesn't understand why apple doesn't dump the 16GB iPhone and make the 32 GB the entry, especially because of the 4K features. Leo agrees, but they want to keep it under $650.

Ellie also would like to get an Apple Watch, but is wondering about its accessibility features. Leo says he knows a blind person who swears by it and says it's the best talking watch he's used. Ellie also has a complaint about the Apple TV, which often freezes. Leo says that Wi-Fi is always going to be the issue when that happens and Leo recommends hardwiring the Apple TV to avoid interference. Also, her connectivity/bandwidth can be limited, and that will cause it.

Watch Tom from Toronto, CAN Comments

Tom has a Samsung Nexus 5, and the battery life is starting to go South. Leo says that there's a certain number of charges a Lithium Ion battery has, and after about 500 cycles, it's time to move on. The good news is that Google is about to announce a new Nexus. Leo recommends waiting for the announcement, or checking out Leo's review of the Motorola Moto X Pure.

Watch Lee from San Diego, CA Comments

Lee still uses Windows XP and it keeps installing the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool even though it's already been installed. Leo says it's normal for the MSRT to be updated every month. That's the idea.

Would Windows 7 run most of the programs that Lee uses in XP? Leo says yes, unless it's been abandoned by the author. Windows 7 Pro has a great compatibility mode for just that. So upgrading to Windows 7 is a good idea. And he should always remember to run as a limited user.