How can I stream the games I play on the Internet?

Episode 1218 (1:07:09)

Christopher from California

Christopher streams videos of his gameplay on and his computer is starting to bog down. Leo says those "Let's Play" videos are huge, but it really does tax the processor power when it's juggling both high performance gameplay and streaming. Most use two computers networked together so that one plays the game while the other broadcasts the videos, but Leo says that's not ideal, actually.

A more powerful PC is probably the best way to do it, as most PCs how have multiple processors. And with hyper threading, more powerful processors like a Xeon along with a more powerful GPU would likely do a better job than stacking computers via HDMI. The software Christopher uses should harness his GPU for streaming so it takes the heavy lifting off the processor. Leo advises talking to others on Twitch to see what they do.